Hello, I am Katrina. Freelance indie game developer and pixel/traditional artist. I am here to post updates on my current projects, random sketchbook sketches, as well as anything else I find interesting as I come across them.


    A few awesome Kickstarter projects going on right now

    If you have time, please consider checking out these Kickstarter projects that are currently running. :)


    Boss Monster dungeon-building card game goes digital (only tablets so far, possibly other platforms!). They’ve just recently hit their target goal and still have 10 days left. Stretch goals to come! More information can be found here http://brotherwisegames.com/



    Pumpkin Online, a kind of mix between harvest moon and animal crossing, with the addition of online play. You can customize your farm, socialize with npcs, craft items, etc. 16 days left to go and almost halfway funded. They post  game updates, sketches and more over at http://pumpkinonline.tumblr.com/



    Pixel Guardians, a tabletop card game based on building and slaying dragons. Pretty neat concept here with each player only having 2 action points per turn. Also has 16 days left with a little over half funded. More info about this project can be found here https://www.facebook.com/epicscalegames



    Pre-alpha demo video 3

    This video is pretty short because most of the things we’ve been working on are back-end things. But we have the framework for the inventory functioning now we’re working on getting icons and visuals in there. Also edited the trees because they were disappearing when I tilted the camera, I figured out why and now they don’t do that. And added some weeds to the farm which you’d have to cut and maintain, or if you have animals they’ll just eat the grass for you.

    We also have almost all of the main characters for the main areas of the town down. Our concept artist has designed about 40 characters, and we have about 30 that are fully colored. We currently have designed characters for the:

    - Farm Shop
    - Flower Shop
    - Animal Shop
    - Furniture Shop
    - Home Extensions
    - Clothing Shop
    - Clinic
    - Blacksmith
    - Vet
    - Bait and Tackle Shop
    - Library
    - Cafe
    - Town Hall
    - Graveyard
    - Church

    For 1 town :)

    So what’s going to happen moving into next week. He should be finished with all the major characters, and then he’s going to be working on names and character traits for each one before we start designing like side NPCs like family members, kids etc.

    I also have our modelers working on the buildings, and he’s also going to be modeling the NPCs that will accompany that building so we can be working on both models to show you guys.

    The terrain on the farm is giving me a headache because the grass just won’t look grassy enough lol. I did the weeds over like 3 times -__-; But after this week once I put trees in the distance and fix the tiling on the ground I want to be done with the farm area. Might come back to it before we do our trailer, but I’m going to working on the town area.  

    Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us  

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    If you are an indie game developer reblog this please!


    I am just getting my feet wet in game development and I need fellow indie game hopefuls to follow!

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    Sites for Practicing Gesture Drawing

    http://www.quickposes.com/ - Offers various modes (timed, not timed, etc.) and even allows for your own uploaded images. In addition to full body poses, you can also choose to show only faces, hands, or feet.

    http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/ - Similar to the above site, but also includes animals.

    http://www.proko.com/ - One of the best sites when it comes to learning about gesture drawing, or drawing in general really. Highly recommended.

    http://ctrlpaint.com/ - Doesn’t deal with gesture drawing specifically, but is mainly for learning how to draw digitally. Lots of information here.

    http://drawinglocus.com/ - Looks to be relatively new. It goes in a lot of depth in subjects like selecting drawing materials, and ways of gaining inspiration. It also features amazing artwork from various artists, and even offers a way to get your work featured as well.

  5.   Cyber wolf character I made while testing out Pyxel Edit (great software by the way! You can check it out here: http://pyxeledit.com/). Trying to keep my color count low. Turned out much better than I expected. :)

    Full image link →

    Cyber wolf character I made while testing out Pyxel Edit (great software by the way! You can check it out here: http://pyxeledit.com/). Trying to keep my color count low. Turned out much better than I expected. :)



    NAVE is an indie game created by Hernán and Máximo. It’s a classic shoot-em-up game where the spaceship simply needs to get its way across a bullet-hell of alien spaceships, turbos, energies and bombs, towards infinity. But getting to infinity doesn’t matter. All that matters is resisting.

    Hernán and Maxi did the game design and programming, respectively. The design and set up of the actual arcade experience was powered by 4 other creatives: El Gaita, GoyoAxtor and Fer.

    The game is meant to be experienced only on arcade. Not on keyboard. To get the full feel of it, you need to play it face to face to the actual machine. The game is only playable on arcade.

    Even if NAVE has a tad of nostalgia factor thrown into it, it is not meant to be a homage to old arcades -although it perfectly could be-. Don’t be confused. NAVE is not just a game. It has a joystick, it has a button, but it’s not just a game. NAVE is not just about a spaceship, launched from Buenos Aires’ obelisk, fighting alien spaceships, resisting the longest, and teaching a new generation the values of resistance, in today’s day and age. No it is not.

    NAVE is also what makes you feel when you experience it in person. And a game that requests, nay, demands… for your presence, your attention, in person… well, let’s say it’s not an everyday thing.


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    It’s time for another update post!

    First off, I’ve been busy working on pixel art commissions (Boss Monster being the most recent) as well as getting back into traditional drawing. I purchased a few art materials and sketchbooks, so there will be a hoard of drawings coming up soon. Used a Copic marker for the first time, and I love it sooo much! I’ve also recently come across another great pixel art tool “Aseprite”. It is free, open-source, and allows animating/saving as .gif, includes layers, and is simple to use. If you ever get a chance, be sure to give it a try.

    Melogalactic had been put on hold as I have started reworking my other game “Fear Dreamer” in Game Maker Studio, but will be back in action soon. Both games will now have achievements. :D

    Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll try to update this blog more often. Weekly/bi-weekly sounds good for now.

    Until next time….


    Some commissioned pixel portraits done for Pixelhobby (www.pixelhobby.com). This was definitely a struggle for me as I am not used to drawing portraits. 



    Video Game Themed Hardware by 8bitmemory on Etsy.

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    Resources, References, and Tutorials.: Gesture/Figure Drawing Websites →


    I always see posts for gesture and figure drawing sites, but never any sort of masterlist. There is probably some I missed, so if you have some I missed feel free to add them!

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